Fish (hot)

Plaice Finkenwerder

a whole big plaice with garnish of fresh shrimps, bacon and onions in melted butter, with salted potatoes and iceberg lettuce with cream dressing and tangerine

22,90 €

Fillet of Salmon

fried fillets of Norwegian salmon, on top of creamy cheese sauce with tagliatelle and mixed salad

19,90 €

Fillets of Plaice Miller

two tender fillets of plaice, arranged on a platter with glazed fresh carrots; served with boiled potatoes and melted butter

16,90 €

Fillets of Limandes

two fillets of limandes, tossed in egg and fried, with dill cream sauce, grilled tomato, fresh broccoli, garnish of fresh shrimps and salted potatoes

23,90 €

Fillet of Pike-Perch

crispy fried pieces of fillet of pike-perch with cream spinach and buttered basmati rice

19,90 €