Asparagus Soup

with cream topping

4,90 €

Asparagus Salad

white and green asparagus in vinaigrette with roses of smoked salmon and deep-fried potato cakes

12,90 €

Asparagus Toast

asparagus with ham, fried button mushrooms, sauce hollandaise and cheese au gratin; served with two slices of toast

15,90 €

Asparagus Ragout

(vegetarian) white and green asparagus, cubes of vegetable, button mushrooms, peas and corn in cream sauce; served with noodles

15,90 €

Pork Fillet

two medaillons of pork fillet, with fried green asparagus, sauce béarnaise and cheese au gratin; with deep-fried potato cakes

18,90 €

Deep-Fried Asparagus

with balsamico strawberries, vanilla ice cream and green pepper

7,90 €

A Pound fresh Asparagus

with salted potatoes, melted butter and sauce hollandaise
asparagus pure (vegetarian) 14,90 €
with Ammerländer ham on the bone 
20,90 €
with two small breaded pork escalopes 
20,90 €
with Angus rump steak 27,90 €
with Angus fillet steak 30,90 €
with grilled salmon fillets 
23,90 €
with three scrambled eggs (vegetarian)
 17,90 €